About MortuaryMall.com

MortuaryMall.com is the innovative funeral supply company owned and operated by funeral professionals. We offer traditional funeral equipment and supplies needed by today's funeral homes. While the majority of our customers are from the funeral service industry, we also proudly serve our customers that are from other postmortem-related areas, including medical universities, university anatomy departments, organ donor organizations, medical examiner/coroner offices and hospitals. With a memorable name and an easy-to-navigate site, MortuaryMall.com is your time-saving, cost-effective source for funeral equipment and supplies.

150 Years In The Funeral Service Profession

MortuaryMall.com is owned and operated by members of the Bergin family, whose funeral homes have served families in Connecticut for 150 years. The original Bergin Funeral Home was founded in Waterbury, CT in 1873 by Martin Bergin, and that same year Martin became the successor to an undertaking business started by his brother-in-law. In addition to “undertaking”, the business also sold stationery, school books, cards, religious items, newspapers and periodicals. In later years, Martin was joined in business by his five sons, Thomas, Patrick, John, Martin, Jr. and Daniel. Martin Bergin, Sr. died on Christmas Eve in 1903. The third generation included Thomas' son, Martin, and Patrick’s two sons, Stephen and Edward. Edward’s four sons, Patrick, Edward, Jr. (Mike), William and Martin followed as the fourth generation. Patrick’s son, Edward, is the founder of MortuaryMall.com and a member of the fifth generation.

Our Promise

As professionals and colleagues in the industry, we have the highest regard for tradition in this sensitive business while we also recognize the need to keep pace with the changing times. We understand the challenges of dealing with the physical and emotional demands of the business, keeping the lights on 24-hours-a-day for the families you serve, and managing your business efficiently.

We at MortuaryMall.com promise to consistently provide you, our customers, with the best products available at the lowest prices possible, simplified ordering, on-time delivery and an all-around positive shopping experience. We aim to be the company you think of first when you need any type of product for your funeral home or other postmortem-related organization. Please bookmark MortuaryMall.com and come back often. We look forward to serving you.

Condition Of Products

All merchandise offered at MortuaryMall.com is in brand new condition and shipped to you directly from the original manufacturers. So buy from MortuaryMall.com with 100% confidence!