Mortech Series 7011-SL Portable Cremation Storage Rack
Mortech 7011-SL Storage Rack |
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The Series 7011-SL Portable Cremation Storage Rack by Mortech Manufacturing Inc. offers all of the same, great qualities of the Series 7011 portable cremation rack yet allows a side access loading style. It is more compact than conventional cantilever storage units, allowing for greater storage capacity without increasing space. Manufactured of heavy gauge stainless steel and designed for use with cremation containers, the Mortech Series T3626HS Stainless Steel Body Tray, the Mortech Model T3624 Laminated Storage Board, and/or the Mortech Model T3627 Polyethylene Transfer Board. Storage trays & boards sold separately.


  • Trays are loaded on the side of the tiers
  • Designed for use with cremation containers, Series T3626HS Stainless Steel Body Trays, Model T3624 Laminated Storage Boards, and/or Model T3627 Polyethylene Transfer Boards, which are sold separately
  • Fabricated from .120 thick stainless steel
  • 6.00" (15 cm) casters, all with brake mechanism to allow for easy movement
  • 2 sets of 5 roller assemblies mounted on each tier make side loading and unloading the body tray or cremation container easy
  • Unit can be easily loaded and unloaded by one person with the Mortech Series M601 Roller Pallet Assembly, which fastens to any Mortech cadaver lift
  • The unit ships fully assembled and does not require assembly

Technical Specs

  • Manufacturer SKU: 7011-SL
  • Overall Height (2 tier): 33.75" (85 cm)
  • Overall Height (3 tier): 50.00" (127 cm)
  • Overall Height (4 tier): 66.50" (169 cm)
  • Clearance Height Between Tiers: 14.50" (37 cm)
  • Length: 78.00" (198 cm)
  • Width: 28.50" (72 cm)
  • Load Limit: 300 lbs. (136 Kg) per tier


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