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The DD-EX2 Double Deck System is manufactured by Link Manufacturing, which has developing innovative products for the transportation industry for over 30 years. The DD-EX2 Double Deck System is the only double deck system engineered to fit a mid-sized cargo van. The system allows four cots, three cremation containers, or two air trays to be transported safely by one person. The system increases vehicle efficiency by doubling the carrying capacity while minimizing mileage costs required for multiple transport trips. The powered upper deck raises and lowers within seconds, enabling one operator to easily load and transport. Interchangeable and adjustable bier pins and polyethylene glide strips allow the management of different tray and container sizes on both decks. Recessed cot cups allow for the safe secure transport of stretchers. From capability to overall cost, the DD-EX2 is built to serve a mortician’s bottom line. The system will prove to increase operation efficiency and maintain the highest standards of professionalism for funeral homes with transportation and cremation services. Bier pins sold separately.


  • Increase the carrying capacity of a mid-sized cargo van with the transportation of either four cots, three cremation containers or two air trays
  • Comes with bier pin plates, cot cups and glide strips making loading and securing easy while protecting the vehicle from damage
  • High impact, fold down ramp protects the rear of your vehicle, as well as assists in loading and unloading mortuary cots and containers
  • Upper deck raises and lowers within seconds, allowing one person to easily load and transport
  • Made of extruded aluminum and sealed fiberglass, both protecting the vehicle and allowing for sanitation
  • Reinforced frame with simplified lifting geometry creates a durable double deck system with a 600 lb. capacity on the upper deck
  • WARRANTY: 1 year from the date the product was sold to its original enduser or 15,000 miles, whichever occurs first

Technical Specs

  • Manufacturer SKUs: 7223B003 (Standard Wheel Base) or 7223B001 (Long Wheel Base)
  • Length: 91.25" (7223B003)
  • Length: 99.25" (7223B001)
  • Width: 60.50" (7223B003 and 7223B001)
  • Maximum Load Length: 87.98" (7223B003)
  • Maximum Load Length: 95.98" (7223B001)
  • Maximum Load Width: 48.73" (7223B003)
  • Maximum Load Width: 49.25" (7223B001)
  • Upper Deck Weight Capacity: 600 lbs. (7223B003 and 7223B001)
  • Weight: 536.00 lbs. (7223B003)
  • Weight: 560.00 lbs. (7223B001)
  • Tie Down Method: Bolted Down (7223B003 and 7223B001)


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