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Published weekly by Creedy & Co., The Creedy Roundup is a FREE eNewsletter that combines thought provoking insights from outside the funeral profession with applications and/or ideas that make them relevant to our work and lives.

The Creedy Roundup enables practitioners to quickly and easily broaden their perspective and accelerate their learning by screening and gleaning non-conventional insights that will enable them to respond more effectively in all aspects of their businesses.

Let’s pretend you own a funeral home. You have worked hard all your career to build it up. Your heart’s been in it. You and your family have sacrificed with long hours and lost family time to serve the members of your community in their time of greatest need. Your hope had been that when it was time for you to retire you could either pass it on to your kids or employees or it would be worth enough to provide for your retirement.

But lately profits have been going down…or disappearing altogether. Your livelihood is in jeopardy! Your wife and family’s livelihood is in jeopardy. Do you want to see things start getting better…right now?

The Creedy Roundup can help by providing some new perspectives to begin regaining lost ground that you didn’t have to lose in the first place if you had simply understood the fundamentals were changing.

Subscribe today and begin learning to think in new ways by Alan Creedy, a leader, industry expert, funeral home consultant, author and speaker in the DeathCare Industries for more than 32 years. And, as a bonus, receive free, unlimited access to
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About Alan Creedy

Alan Creedy is a well-known business analyst and strategist specializing in the DeathCare Industries. His better than 30 years “hands-on” experience combined with his professional expertise as a Certified Public Accountant make him much in demand as an industry speaker and trade journal writer. Mr. Creedy believes that the profession is on the threshold if its greatest opportunity but is concerned that many will miss that opportunity because of their death grip on the past.

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