Noayr JW-50 Embalming Machine
Noayr JW-50 Embalming Machine

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The Noayr JW-50 Embalming Machine is manufactured by Noayr Funeral Supply, Inc., a family owned company that has been making embalming machines for the funeral industry since 1912. The JW-50 is the industry's first all stainless steel embalming machine as well as the first machine that can use all embalming chemicals, including phenol and cavity fluids. And it also has all of the same features that embalmers have come to know and love about the Noayr machines. It comes with a 3 gallon tank, solid-state circuitry, a 2 year unconditional warranty, and Noayr’s valve-less design "Heart Action" pump. The Heart Action Pump (HAP) is a centrifugal designed pump that was invented with two objectives in mind. The first, a safe embalming method that would ease the embalming process; the second, a pump that could simulate a beating heart. FREE SHIPPING!

The Concept

    The HAP is a centrifugal pump in its simplest form. This pump will only eject fluid as long as there is fluid to inject and as long as there is room for fluid to be injected. Thus, the embalmer has complete confidence that he will not rupture an artery due to too much fluid in the body or too high of a pressure embalming.

The Design

    The HAP is controlled by two modes, a continuous and a pulse. When in Continuous mode, the pump will provide a constant flow of fluid to the body. When in pulse mode, it will simulate a beating heart by creating a systolic and diastolic pressure. This feature was designed to ease the embalming experience when encountering blockages. By switching to pulse mode, the body will have a pulsed surge of pressure against the blockage without forcing fluid into the body. This will stretch the artery around the blockage and allow it to break up with ease.

The Revolution

    The HAP then will automatically adjust for the rate of flow and simplifies the embalming experience, reducing cost and giving you more time.


  • Sturdier pump and hose line for embalming in morgues as well as high volume funeral homes
  • Uses any fluid, including phenol and cavity fluid, without voiding the warranty
  • All stainless steel construction, allowing 100% disinfection
  • “Heart Action” pump design
  • Automatically adjusts for rate of flow
  • Continuous or pulse mode
  • 3 gallon tank
  • 2 year "unconditional" factory warranty
  • Free web-based demonstration and training on operating the Noayr JW-50 Embalming Machine

Technical Specs

  • Pump Type: "Heart Action" Centrifugal
  • Pump Pressure: 30 PSI (AVG)
  • Pump Housing: Polypropylene and Rylon
  • Flow Rate: 1.8 Gal/Min
  • Rate of Flow: Automatically Adjusted
  • Tank Capacity: 3 Gal
  • Voltage: 115V AC
  • Motor Controller: 5V DC
  • Amperage: 2.3A
  • Machine Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Machine Weight: 30 lbs.
  • Operation Modes: Continuous Pulsation (16 and 24 pulses/min)
  • Hose Type: Neoprene
  • Hose Connection: Quick Disconnect (leak proof when disconnected)
  • Canula Connection: Threaded Stopcock
  • Fuse: 3A
  • Chemical Use: All Chemicals may be used (including Phenol and Cavity Fluids)
  • Warranty: 2 Year "Unconditional" Factory Warranty
  • Height: 18.00"
  • Width: 10.00"
  • Depth: 10.00"


    Noayr's embalming machine usually ship in 4 weeks depending on availability. Please call us before ordering if you need to know a more accurate shipping date for this product.

International Orders

    For our international customers, offers the Noayr JW-50 Export Model (220Volt), which usually ships worldwide within 4 to 6 weeks depending on availability. The full retail price of the Noayr JW-50 Export Model is $3,575.00 USD + shipping. To inquire about the cost of shipping to your country and/or to place an order for the Noayr JW-50 Export Model, please contact us. For additional information about shipping internationally, please visit the International Orders section in our Help Center. In addition to shipping costs, international customers are also responsible for paying all applicable import duties and taxes associated with the purchase of the Noayr JW-50 Export Model.

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